About Us

About CDP

CDP as a leading and an active non-governmental and non for profit organization was founded in the year 2000 and was registered under the “Registration and Control Ordinance1961” with Directorate of Social Welfare, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa in 2003 as well as registered with the Directorate of Social Welfare and Women Development FATA Secretariat in 2012. The CDP general body consists of 30 members and executive body comprises on 08 members with sufficient female members.


The UNDP-DFID as recognition for services to the cause of “Fighting Violence against Women 2011” awarded CDP with a shield. CDP is member organization of Board of Directors, Insaf Network Pakistan (INP) established by UNDP/UNOPS and member of Board of Trustees, Free & Fair Election Network (FAFEN) Pakistan. CDP is also an organizational member of Human Resource Development Network (HRDN). The Executive Director CDP is a member of District Legal Empowerment Committee Bannu on behalf of CDP   




To improve the life standards of the community through awareness, capacity building, human resource development and economic empowerment of marginalized groups by providing friendly working environment and social justice.


  • Advocacy, Awareness and Capacity building
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Human Rights and Democracy
  • Basic Education Services
  • Basic Health Services
  • Gender Justice and Empowerment


CDP feels proud of its assets that includes strategic knowledge, professional zeal and the participative warmth to build a society of harmony, justice, peace and opportunities, where every ordinary individual has the right to develop his/her natural endowments and opportunities to hunt freely. CDP believes in the spread of knowledge and awareness to increase the spectrum of opportunities for an individual.

Guiding Principles

CDP believes in team work and strives to mobilize organize and involves the marginalized groups with participatory approach. including political groups including women, children, labourers and peasants.

CDP undertakes mobilization, capacity building, networking and research initiatives in order to encourage collective action for development and social change. The efforts are aimed to improve their life standards, improvement of socio-economic conditions and way of thinking and to enhance their income generating sources as well as to build their capacity on sustainable grounds leading towards their self-respect, self-decision, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.


CDP, being one of the few active organizations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA has much credibility for solid interventions in the specified thematic areas.

CDP has a sound working profile and professional background developed over the years of interventions and accomplishments in the target areas working with different donors of international repute.

Skilful human resource with standard accounting tools (quick books) and the professionally maintained website of CDP is a token of its qualitative assurance and functioning. Perfect understanding with local key stakeholders, their continuous participation in events and activities of CDP shows its professional maturity. CDP better understands the culture, traditions, norms and values as well as different modes of behavior of various target groups. Therefore no social friction and conflict during the execution of different activities has ever been occurred.


Resources can broadly be divided into the categories of human, financial and administrative resources and assets. CDP as one of the most creditable organization, has up till now received funding of major donors like TAF, FAFEN, FDP-LD, UNDP/ECP, UNDP-GJP, UNOPS, USAID-Abt, UNICEF, NRSP- SGAFP, APFOL, NEF-NORAD, DFID, INP, NATPOW, Qarshi trust foundation and Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan (LJCP).  CDP has a developed human potential for undertaking projects with a good number of both paid staff and volunteers.