Gender Justice and Protection project Funded by UNDP GJP/UKaid July 2008- 31 July 2011

It’s a well known fact that women are extremely exposed to all sorts of unjust behavior at all levels in Pakistan including the injustice in provision of inheritance to women and girls according to the law of the land. werewrewre

In realization to the facts in this regard, with the financial support of UNOPS and monitored by joint the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – Department For International Development’s (DFID) under the Gender Justice and Protection Project (GJP) Fund and implemented in district Bannu in partnership of Community Development Program (CDP), the GJP’s aim is to provide direct access to majority of women and girls access to justice at grassroots level primarily through a chain of capacitated committees with their participation at all levels including all the key stake holders of the community with their further access to justice through a unique innovative mechanism by the establishment of a ‘Legal Aid and Support Centre’ (LASC) at the district level. The stakeholders would be including but would not be limited to nazims, women representatives, lawyers, religious leaders, area influential and activists, CCBs/CBOs representatives, local govt elected and appointed officials District Bar Association, media representatives etc.

Due to lack of any forum or structured mechanism, the proposed project being unique of its kind shall be welcomed. Measures in this connection shall not only be a unique initiative but a new mile stone to give voice against the existing sdscf4872ocial exploitation and exclusion at all levels of the women folk by the wrong interpretation of the social and Islamic standings.

Besides this, the violence stricken women are receiving unimaginable and inhuman treatment at all movements of their lives right from voicing their grievances at a local police station, they are harassed instead of providing any cooperation which disheartens them and there by making them dumb and speechless to raise their voice against any violence. 

The lack of professional female advocates in district Bannu further aggravates the situation. Sometimes the nature of female cases are such that they resist to  open them up in front of male advocates hence the proposed project with the provision of a proper female advocate may be help full in making all  violence stricken women  vocal in narrating their violence.

In order to achieve desirable results, a chain of 49 Gender Justice Committees (GJC) at Union Councils levels comprising of 10 members each (consisting of CCBs/CBOs representatives, Nazim, Women representatives, Lawyers, Religious Leaders, and area influential) have been established for enhancing advocacy, mass mobilization, violence case reporting, by involving all key stake holders and finally leading all sensitive cases for ensured justice to Legal Aid and support Centre for further legal proceedings.

The following outputs are expected at the end of the project period;

The constitution of GJCs and as well, the establishment of LASC shall be a support mechanism and refuge to limitless women of the whole district. DSCF4524

Media involvement and coverage thus provided of the proceedings and achievements of the project form time to time, will raise a unique opportunity of public exposure as well as a source of public awareness rising.

The dissemination of printed materials (brochures, pamphlets, booklets etc) containing laws, policies, acts, conventions regarding women rights as well as case studies shall be a source of guidance and regular follow up of the activities.

The sustainability of the project would depend on the project success over establishment of different committees as centres by involving key stake holders for a span of three years, it shall develop a self sustained vision however the functioning of the legal aid and support centers availing certain consultation charges from potential victims shall be a source of monitory benefits. These benefits would sustain the existence of the center established.