Primary Education Promotion Project FATA-NEF-NORAD

Primary Education Promotion Project in FATA (Orakzai Agency)

CDP is working since 2004 in Orakzai Agency FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Area) for promotion of primary education in public private partnership with Nation Education Foundation (NEF) under the NORAD funded project. CDP has till now established 10 Community Model Schools (CMCs) in one of the tough Tribal Agency Orakzai (Tehsil upper & Tehsil lower) to achieve the following objectives;

  1. A. Community Participation in Education Sector
  2. B. Parents involvement in school administration and checking
  3. C. Promotion of primary education at grassroots level
  4. D. Equal opportunity to boys and Girls to get education

 Major activities include Teachers training, capacity building, parents’ mobilization, sensitization and awareness about education, its importance and the future impact on the area by involving main stakeholders like family elders, student parents, social activists and other influential of the area.

The organization got NOC and developed different linkages with education department of FATA and other related authorities to provide assistance and remove hindrance in project implementation. In Step-II, the organization formed Community Education Committees (CECs) in order to monitor and observed different schooling activities as to match with specified standards declared by NEF and CDP and most significantly to shape parents and children behavior for the acquisition of education in such a remote area.