Supporting Transparency, Accountability and Electoral Processes in Pakistan February 2011 – July 2013 Funded by: The Asia Foundation (TAF) Implemented by FAFEN

Constituency Relation Program

The organization will submit its quarterly work plan to the FAFEN Secretariat by the required deadline, based on the CRP manual provided by FAFEN Secretariat and explained in the CRP training sessions, and designed to accomplish program goals. After approval of the quarterly work plan by the Secretariat, he organization will implement all activities to the best of its abilities and with due diligence. The work plan will include the following activities, which correspond to the attached program budget.

Quarterly Review and Planning MeetingsSupporting Transperacny, Accountability and Electoral Process in Pakistan

FAFEN will organize quarterly review and planning meetings. Implementing organization will make sure that all Program Managers attend quarterly review and planning meetings for effective implementation of the program. In these meetings Program Managers with the help of FAFEN Secretariat and TAF will prepare quarterly work plans and implementation methodology. Any changes in the quarterly work plan will be done only with prior approval of TAF and FAFEN Secretariat.

Constituency Profile Forms

The implementing organizations will undertake required research work, collect date in each National Assembly constituency and under any field work to fill-out constituency profile forms designed and provided by FAFEN Secretariat.

Identification of CRG Members and Establishment of CRG

The implementing organization will follow the criteria provided by FAFEN Secretariat to identify approximately 25 potential members of a Constituency Relations Group (CRG) in each constituency and fill out a CRG Member Profile Form for each potential member. All forms will be submitted to the appropriate personnel at the FAFEN Secretariat along with a photo and copy of CNIC of the candidate. The organization will constitute the CRGs with the 15 final members after scrutiny by FAFEN Secretariat.

Training for CRG Members

The organization will ensure that all CRG members in their constituencies attend the full training session as instructed by FAFEN Secretariat. The organization will make all logistical arrangements for this training. FAFEN Secretariat will provide the trainers for these sessions.

Monthly CRG MeetingsSupporting Transparency

The grantee organization will facilitate and make all logistical arrangements for regularly scheduled (e.g., first Monday of every month) monthly CRG meetings at a regular location (e.g., district Press Club) in each constituency. The agenda and content of these meetings will be designed to advance the goals of the CRP.

Civic Education: Voter Registration Outreach

In line with the timetable, guidelines and training provided by the FAFEN Secretariat in collaboration with TAF, the implementing organization will facilitate and support the CRGs in all constituencies of responsibility to conduct community outreach activities designed to facilitate eligible voters to obtain Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) and to register to vote.

CRG National and Provincial Assembly visits

FAFEN NGOs responsible for each constituency will facilitate CRG members to visit the National Assembly (NA) and/or relevant Provincial Assembly (PA) semi-annually or earlier if required. CRG will meet with the MNAs or MPAs on matters of concern to their constituents and make an effort to regularize communication with the elected representatives.

Outreach to Students and Youth

NGO will reach-out to voting age students of collages and universities in their assigned constituencies/districts to mobilize youth on issues of voter registration, getting CNICs, participation in electoral processes and playing an active role in promoting democratic governance as young citizens.

Public Forums/ Public Hearings/ Other Large Scale Eventsklhkjhkjh

FAFEN implementing organizations through CRG will organize public forums/ large scale events with citizens to discuss issues of concern and to provide training on effective advocacy techniques and strategies. During the program period, it is anticipated that approximately three public forums would be held in each of 150 constituencies during project period.

In some constituencies, CRGs will also host public hearings on immediate issues of concern such as inefficiency of local government, development projects, and violence against women. The hearings will be videotaped and documented for submission to the appropriate committee or key legislators.

Peoples’ Assemblies on Electoral Reform (at district level)

FAFEN implementing organizations will organize People’s Assemblies on Electoral Reform at the district level (under budget line item public forums at district level) in each district organizations are responsible. These forums must ensure larger participation from all constituencies in the districts. FAFEN Secretarial will provide guidelines to hold people’s assemblies on electoral reforms.

Advocacy Activities

Advocacy activities in each constituency include, but are not limited to, press briefings, meetings with elected representatives, engaging with relevant stakeholders, voting age youth, campaigns, meetings with women, and religious leaders. With the help of FAFEN Secretariat, Program Managers will design these activities in quarterly review and planning meetings and implementing them in each constituency.

Monitoring Local Governance

The implementing partners will be required to collect information about various aspects of local governance at the district level against a standardized checklist provided by FAFEN Secretariat. The information collection will be part of job description of the Constituency Coordinators and Assistant Constituency Coordinators assigned in the districts. The NGO responsible for the district will ensure timely information collection and for sending it to FAFEN Secretariat. (Costs are covered under transportation and communication cost in each constituency)

Date Collection for Corruption Index

FAFEN will publish a study on assessing levels of various forms of corruption in the country. The study will help in developing a Corruption Index. FAFEN implementing partners will be required to collect date in 150 NA constituencies on a quarterly basis on standardized forms provided by FAFEN Secretariat. (Costs are covered under transportation and communication cost in each constituency)

Monitoring Political and Electoral Violence

FAFEN through its implementing partners will monitor and verity incidents of political and electoral violence in 150 NA constituencies. NGO responsible for each constituency will undertake this monitoring and report the required information on standardized format to FAFEN Secretariat. CCs and ACCs will be responsible for work. (Costs are covered under transportation and communication cost in each constituency)

Freedom of information (FoI) requests

FAFEN will provide technical assistance and work with some CRGs to submit official requests for information to relevant government officials and agencies about issues of concern. FoI requests will be facilitated each year during the program. FAFEN or one of the FAFEN member organizations will provide training to Project Managers on Freedom of Information Laws, skills and tools to file FoI requests. Implementing organization will ensure full participation of Program Managers in any training organized either by FAFEN or FAFEN member organizations.

Public Information Campaign

A public information campaign (PIC) to generate citizen demand for electoral reform will be launched. FAFEN implementing organizations will participate in the campaign and seek other no-cost opportunities to publicly raise the electoral reform agenda.

Surveys, Opinion Polls, and Campaigns

FAFEN implanting partners will be responsible for conducting surveys, public opinion polls and campaigns (voter registrations, CNIC) as planned by the FAFEN Secretariat. The program staff (PMs, APMs, CCs, ACCs) will be trained to conduct these activities and will be responsible for all field work in the constituency and at other levels.

Note: This program description is subject to change and modification as required by changed circumstances or as dictated by change in program implementation strategy.